It started with a trip to Hawaii...

While on holiday with family and friends in Hawaii, I went snorkeling off of Maui’s north coast. Awesome day. Warm. Calm seas and crystal clean water float me 15 feet above the most beautiful underwater gardens, sea turtles, and a massive variety of tropical fish. Unfortunately, from my birds-eye view, I could also see that sections of the coral reefs turned brown and looked lifeless. Sharing my experience with some locals, they confirmed that parts of the Hawaiian Islands are in a crisis. Marine pollution and other environmental issues have started to destroy this tropical paradise. The locals said if only we could educate more people to think and live sustainably, we may reverse the damage and heal mother earth.  

Colmena our story from Hawaii trip

On the flight back home, I couldn’t let go of the image of the brown spots on the coral reefs. So I thought I would take the advice of the local Hawaiians, and I decided to start educating people through a clothing brand, Colmena which is focused entirely on living sustainably. Wear what you believe! So, we started with socks. Socks are the perfect way to make a bold statement and help educate people about the need to live sustainably. 

At Colmena, we sell socks made of plastics retrieved from oceans, waterways, landfills, and socks made of bamboo, organic cotton, and other recycled fibers that have been sustainably sourced.

We urge you to join us by committing to living sustainably. We believe that small changes made by many can change things in a big way.