What is Repreve?
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Mankind is creating a lot of waste which takes a long time to decay to the point where it is useful again to mother earth.

Take plastic bottles as an example.  Did you know? 

  • In the U.S. alone, 35 BILLION plastic bottles are thrown away each year
  • Plastic bottles can take up to 1,000 YEARS to decay

What's our solution?

At Colmena, we think it is a great idea to use rPET Fabrics such as REPREVE.  REPREVE fabric is a fabric that is made out of recycled plastic bottles. 

REPREVE fabric can be used for all types of clothing, including socks.

At a recycling facility located in North Carolina, plastic bottles are sorted, washed, and chopped into flakes. Those flakes are then blended, melted, and turned into REPREVE "chips" and loaded into silos. A single silo alone holds an equivalent of 27 million plastic bottles!

The Repreve Process

How does REPREVE Socks feel?

REPREVE socks look and feel great! In addition, they perform as well or better than cotton socks when comparing breathability, moisture-wicking, elasticity, durability, anti-bacterial properties, and odor resistance.

REPREVE fabric socks come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. They have all the warmth, softness, and feel of cotton or wool socks.  Take a look and try a pair today.

What are some other benefits of REPREVE fabric?

REPREVE fabric, produced by Unifi, has several other advantages beyond all of the performance properties that make the fabric super functional and comfortable. These additional advantages are:

  • Recycled 19 billion plastic bottles thus far
  • Generated enough energy to power 133,000 homes for an entire year
  • Conserved enough daily drinking water for 1.7 million people for an entire year
  • Improved air quality by avoiding CO2 emissions

At Colmena, we are proud to partner with manufacturers that provide REPREVE fabric.  We are pleased to be included in forward-thinking brands that want to take a stronger stand in addressing ocean pollution—and want to make an even more specific statement about protecting the environment. 

Our REPREVE socks are made for the good of tomorrow and will appeal to consumers that want to do all that they can to help protect the environment for the next generation.

June 18, 2021 — Eddie Dunsford
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