Why Sustainability is Important to Us

At Colmena, our entire focus is on providing sustainable and sustainably sourced products.  All of our products are sourced, manufactured, and shipped with an emphasis on sustainable quality.  Here’s why you should choose Colmena:

It’s good for the planet.

Our products leave behind a small environmental footprint.  We are mindful of reducing our impact on landfills and reducing our power and water consumption to the extent possible.  We seek to eliminate the use of any pesticides and insecticides used in growing our products, as these chemicals make their way into the water supply and affect the health of everyone and everything all along the supply chain.  We believe the fashion industry can do a better job of doing good things for the environment.  In choosing sustainable fashion, you are saying, “Yes,” I can make a difference, and my efforts help support a cleaner environment.

It’s good for people.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry at times compromises ethical and environmental standards in pursuit of producing low-cost goods. These standards often involve exploiting people who are forced to work low-paying jobs in poor conditions.  Many of the exploited workers live and work in developing countries.  By choosing to switch to ethically made brands, you ensure that no exploited workers were taken advantage of in the production of the products you wear with pride.

It’s good for you.

You have decided to purchase a great product that was designed for YOU.  We focus on creating timeless pieces made of high-quality materials.  Curate your own personal style and wear clothes that reflect you and your values.

At Colmena, we focus on quality and actively seek materials and finishes that are made to last while being kind to you and the environment.  Most clothing produced by mass fashion brands is not made to last.  In choosing sustainable brands, like Colmena, you are ensured that the focus is on quality material that is responsibly sourced, and more importantly, is built to last.  We want you to have quality products that will last – this reduces waste while saving you money because you are buying less clothing.  

June 18, 2021 — Sophia Sanh